Harry Reid, Democrats Use Terrorist Knife and Bomb Attacks To Push... Gun Control?


Here we go again!

The Democrats are using the terrorist attacks that took place this past weekend as their justification for gun control legislation.

Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) addressed the Senate floor on Monday where he blamed Republicans for stopping the Democrat’s proposed gun control legislation.


“In the aftermath of these attacks, our constituents are looking to us for help. They want to feel safe. They want to be safe. We can help provide that safety by closing the terror loophole. But Democrats can’t do it alone. We need Republicans’ help,” Reid said.

“Currently, there is a loophole in our law that allows potential FBI terror suspects to legally purchase guns and explosives. Stop and think about that for just a little bit: A person with suspected ties to terrorism can walk into a store now and buy all the explosives, all the guns and all the ammunition they want,” Reid argued.

Under the Democrats’ bill, someone who is on the no fly list would be prohibited from purchasing a firearm. They have deemed the legislation, “No fly, no buy.”

“We can argue from now on about whether this bill would have prevented this weekend’s attacks,” Reid said. “But one thing is for sure, it would prevent the next attack.”


The Republicans have drafted a bill that would establish a three-day waiting period for anyone who is on the no fly list who wishes to purchase a firearm or explosives.

Currently, both pieces of legislation are being blocked by the other political party. The Democrats in the Senate blocked the Republican bill. The GOP blocked the Democratic bill in the House of Representatives.

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