Sheriff Presses Governor Brown on New CCW Legislation

On Thursday, Tulare County Sheriff Mike Boudreaux posted on Facebook a copy of the letter he wrote Governor Jerry Brown, urging the Golden State governor to veto Assembly Bill 450.

AB-450 would amend current legislation that prohibits local government agencies from charging more than $100 for a concealed carry permit. Should AB-450 pass, the new fees would also have to include the cost of issuing and enforcing the permit.

According to the bill’s text, additional fees would include:

  • $25 processing fee
  • $10 amendment fee
  • Psychological testing not to exceed $150

Sheriff Bourdreaux argues that increasing the price of a CCW permit could keep people from applying for the permit.

“If signed into law, this bill would restrict local authority and impact Concealed Carry Weapon License (CCW) fees, perhaps making a CCW license cost prohibitive to people,” the Sheriff wrote. “It could create a situation of only the elite being able to have and afford a CCW license. This is not good for the people nor the Sheriffs who issue these licenses.”

Sheriff Bourdreaux’s plea for Governor Brown to veto the bill stems from his passion for the Second Amendment. The passage of AB-450 would be another stepping stone towards silencing people’s right to bear arms.

“You know, our second Amendment is constantly being attacked with a variety of things. But for the Governor to swipe with a pen, to give the address as to who and the amount of which is charged to those really needs to rest with local government,” the Sheriff told ABC 30.