Team USA Takes to Twitter to #StopGunViolence

The U.S. Olympic Team decided to partner with President Obama’s Senior Advisor Valerie Jarret decided to partner with  to hold a Q&A on Twitter to talk about how to end gun violence. Specifically, Olympians Townley Haas and Kristin Castlin decided to answer questions using the hashtag #StopGunViolence.

Ms. Jarrett, you must have missed the memo. Law-abiding gun owners are registered and must go through background checks to obtain a firearm. The criminals who don’t go through these legal channels don’t do so because… THEY. ARE. CRIMINALS.

I’m curious who Castlin talked to in Rio.

Why? So we can be like Australia?

*eye roll*

Of course, anti-gun groups had to join in on the conversation.

Gotta give credit to our #2A lovers out there who high-jacked the hashtag.

What’s ironic? The most decorated Team USA Olympian is Kim Rhode, a trap and skeet shooter. She’s a six-time Olympic medial winner, three of which are gold. She’s also a six-time national champion in double trap. Currently, she holds the record as the most successful female Olympic shooter. Rhode is also the only woman to have won two Olympic gold metals for double trap.