Background Check System Failed to Protect Charleston Church...Who's Next?

Ask anti-gunners how they would stop gun violence while protecting the Second Amendment and nine times out of 10, they’ll tell you by implementing “universal background checks.”


While this thought process is great in theory, it’s horrible in practice.

According to a DoJ report issued on Wednesday, the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) has failed to be properly maintained and updated. NCIS has “lacked timely and accurate data from local agencies that could have prevented the alleged shooter from purchasing the gun he allegedly used,” the report said.

During this investigation, it was discovered that Dylann Roof, the Charleston church shooter, was able to get around the NICS background check due to faults in the system.

When Roof initially tried purchasing a firearm, his sale was delayed and he was given a three-day waiting period. During that time, it is expected that the DoJ will look into a potential purchasers criminal background. Unfortunately, the local authorities neglected to note that Roof admitted to drug possession when he was arrest, which would have immediately made him a prohibited person, even before trial. Had that occurred, it would have stopped the sale, and the Charleston church shooting could have been avoided… at least with a legal firearm.


Nine people might have lived.

Roof’s ability to obtain a firearm despite undergoing proper legal channels proves that the government is ill-equipped to handle any means of gun control. If  state and federal governments cannot properly coordinate on something simple, like a background check system, how would they properly go about controlling things like standard-capacity magazines and ammo restrictions?

California, one of the biggest gun control states in the nation, wants to have gun owners go through a background check system for buying ammo, similar to the firearms process. How would that would when the government’s existing systems aren’t working?

The government is looking for any and every possible way to take away our Second Amendment rights. To that I say MOLON LABE!

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