Clinton Campaign Uses Tim Kaine to Launch NRA Attacks

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is doing all it can to get anti-gunners to the polls on November 8th, including focusing on Vice Presidential candidate Tim Kaine’s record on guns and gun control. Now, the gang has moved to Twitter to promote a post about Kaine taking on the “gun lobby” AKA: us.


“Behind that smile, Tim also has a backbone of steel. Just ask the NRA,” the blog’s subheadline reads.

During Kaine’s time as Virginia Governor, the Viriginia Tech shooting occurred. According to the post, Kaine “raced straight to the campus to comfort the families of those killed and to support the first responders on the scene.”

After that, Kaine worked against every gun owner in his state.

He signed an executive order to strengthen the background check system and prevent individuals deemed dangerously mentally ill from buying guns. This closed the legal loophole that had allowed the Virginia Tech shooter to buy his guns. He also fought for comprehensive background checks legislation, and he vetoed legislation that would have let people bring concealed weapons into restaurants serving alcohol.

His efforts earned him an “F” rating from the NRA, and the group spent hundreds of thousands of dollars against him during his 2012 Senate race.

Of course he’s proud to have an “F” rating from the NRA. It’s not like the Second Amendment is a Constitutional right or anything…


“I don’t mind powerful groups campaigning against me,” he told a crowd in Miami on the day he joined the campaign. “That just is like an extra cup of coffee to me, folks. It just gets me more excited. I’m 8 and 0 and I promise you I’m not about to let that change.”

I hope you’re prepared for an extra hot cup of coffee because guess what? Gun owners will not back down. We will fight. And we will win.

OH! And the topper of this whole thing? The post was written by none other than Pennsylvania’s former Democratic Attorney General Kat Kane, who was charged with nine felonies relating to her attempt to leak confidential information on her Republican opponents.

I guess if you’re Hillary Clinton, you’re way of “getting things done” is by having a bunch of people who can’t follow laws in office to make the laws. Who better to lead the pack than someone who doesn’t know the difference between classified information and cronies who follow?


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