Hillary Clinton Discusses Taking on the NRA with Mary J. Blige

Singer and songwriter Mary J. Blige launched a new series on Apple Music called “411.” During her first episode, Blige sat down with Hillary Clinton for a one-on-one interview.

During the interview, Blige sang a song to Clinton. The song focuses on how African American mother’s feel when they send their children off to school every day, fearful that they may face police brutality, up to and including death.

Following the song, Blige asks Clinton what she would do to start to heal the country, hinting at gun violence, to which she replied:

I have been so heartbroken over what’s been going on because it’s fundamentally at odds with – and wrong – that African American parents have to sit their children down and deliver the message you just sang. Be careful. And yet we still have so many terrible deaths, some of at the hands of the police. Many at the hands of others, like Trayvon Martin…We need to do better training with our police so that they don’t immediately draw the wrong conclusions, like the song said: a gun, a knife or a wallet. And that they learn better ways to deescalate tension and violence rather than to escalate and perhaps cause a death.

Why are police offers immediately the problem in these situations? If a police officer thinks that a suspect is reaching for a firearm, should the officer wait to be shot at before they draw their weapon? I don’t care if a person is black, white, yellow or orange. They have absolutely no right to pull a gun on a cop, regardless of the scenario.

A flawed logic with the BLM movement is the notion that all officers are inherently bad. Just like every profession, there are a few bad apples. That doesn’t mean that every. single. officer. is out to kill innocent people. The logic is so flawed and misguided.

We’ve got to do something about the gun violence on our streets. We have too many guns in too many of the wrong hands.

Clinton wants to get guns out of the hands of criminals, which is great in theory but horrible in practice. Banning “assault rifles” doesn’t keep criminals from obtaining guns. All it does is disarm law-abiding citizens. It makes them more likely to be a victim.

And I have spent too much time listening to people tell me the horrible loss of their loved ones. I’ve gotten to know the mothers of the movement. Mothers who have lost their children to violence… So I’ve pledged to bring our country together, to take on this violence with our police to change mindsets, to really change implicit violence so that young black man walking down the street isn’t a threat. He’s just a black man walking down the street. And to do what we can to take on the gun lobby together to get the guns out of our communities that are killing soooo many children and young people.

Clinton’s answer to stopping gun violence is by taking on the “gun lobby.” Because, you know, the NRA is sooo horrible for defending people who already follow the law. I highly doubt criminals are standing in line to donate to the NRA. They don’t care what the law is or will be because guess what? They’re CRIMINALS, meaning they don’t follow the laws. If Secretary Clinton thinks criminals will suddenly decide to follow laws, she’s delusional.