John Legend Goes After the NRA on Gun Control

Singer John Legend is doing just what anti-gunners do: blaming the NRA and Second Amendment supporters for not having sweeping gun control similar to Australia’s.


During an interview with The Breakfast Club, DJ Envy brought up the discussion of stop and frisk, Legend went into detail about how he was against ‘stop and frisk’ until he drove through a bad neighbor and was shot at.

“We’re not getting guns off the streets,” DJ Envy said. “How do we get guns off the street?” Envy asked Legend.

Legend went on to say:

I do think we need stricter gun laws and laws that apply to everybody and not just people of color and certain neighborhoods. And I don’t believe anybody should live their life – if they’re doing nothing wrong – they shouldn’t deal with people harassing them every day because of what they look like and what neighborhood they grew up in….The bottom line is our neighborhoods are safer than they have been. Our murder rates lower than they’ve been in decades. In New York especially. And it got lower after we stopped ‘stop and frisk.’…I think we do have to do something about guns. We shouldn’t live in a society so awash with guns that [it] makes the cops fearful and makes them suspicious of everybody because the know so many people are armed. We shouldn’t be in that situation.

When DJ Envy mentioned that Legend travels a bit and pointed out that in the other countries the singer travels to, people aren’t allowed to have guns, Mr. Chrissy Teigen jumped at the opportunity to push the agenda:


“Yeah. And their murder rates are way lower. Their suicide rates are lower too,” Legend said. “Because when people have guns, they end up using them.”

“So banning guns in full, you’re saying?” DJ Envy asked.

Legend went on to give a longwinded answer, explaining why Australia’s policy is a good thing:

I’m not saying that’d necessary work but if we look at Australia, they did something over there where they had a few mass shootings and they said ‘you know what, we’re going to take a pretty significant approach to reducing the amount of guns on the streets.’ And it worked. They didn’t have another mass shooting. Murder rate went down. And we won’t do it here because we got the Second Amendment. We got the NRA that’s gonna lobby against it. Maybe it’s unconstitutional to do that but at the end of the day, it actually works. And if we want to talk about what makes us safer, that would make us safer.

So guess what, folks? In John Legend’s mind, if you want to protect yourself and your family, you’re the reason gun violence in America exists. You are the reason criminals commit crimes.

I seriously wish celebrities would get off their high horse and get a dose of reality. Not all of us have armed body guards. Not all of us are in the public eye, meaning that if something happened to us, we’d be just another statistic.


Why do we have to wait until something bad happens to us to want to take action? Playing offense is a heck of a lot better than playing defense.

What’s even more interesting about Legend’s whole take on guns?

He tweeted a picture showing that under Barack Obama, murder rates are lower.

Mr. Legend, your claim has nothing to do with gun control. That has everything to do with the Democrats’ gun control push that has Americans fearful. We’re buying guns and protecting ourselves. We aren’t waiting to become a victim like you’d want us to.

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