Senator Kaine's VP Debate Gun Control Push Squashed by NRA

During the Vice Presidential Debate, the NRA took to Twitter to voice their disdain for Senator Tim Kaine, Secretary Hillary Clinton’s running mate.


They even laid out just a small part of his Second Amendment record.

During his time in public office, Kaine has abused public funds to push his gun control agenda, been endorsed by The Brady Campaign, a leading gun control group, and even vetoed right-to-carry legislation for Virginians.

Tim Kaine claims to be a gun-owning, gun-loving Second Amendment supporter, yet he has done everything in his power to push for gun control.

How have his actions been pro-gun? How can he even remotely call himself a Second Amendment supporter?

Senator Kaine’s anti-gun record is so long that the NRA could only include a small portion in a Twitter gif:


Is this the kind of person we want to help lead our nation? This man has the potential to be the second-in-command.

Our Founding Fathers warned us about government tyranny. All it takes is a small step towards gun control before the government wants to completely discard all firearms. It’s a stepping stone towards becoming the next Australia. And we all know how well those gun-free zones are working out.

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