During the Vice Presidential Debate, the NRA took to Twitter to voice their disdain for Senator Tim Kaine, Secretary Hillary Clinton’s running mate.

They even laid out just a small part of his Second Amendment record.

During his time in public office, Kaine has abused public funds to push his gun control agenda, been endorsed by The Brady Campaign, a leading gun control group, and even vetoed right-to-carry legislation for Virginians.

Tim Kaine claims to be a gun-owning, gun-loving Second Amendment supporter, yet he has done everything in his power to push for gun control.

How have his actions been pro-gun? How can he even remotely call himself a Second Amendment supporter?

Is this the kind of person we want to help lead our nation? This man has the potential to be the second-in-command.

Our Founding Fathers warned us about government tyranny. All it takes is a small step towards gun control before the government wants to completely discard all firearms. It’s a stepping stone towards becoming the next Australia. And we all know how well those gun-free zones are working out.

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