The Truth About Background Checks

Hillary Clinton, Senator Tim Kaine and anti-gunners are quick to call for even universal background checks on all firearm purchases. But while they are looking to add additional layers to our existing process, they fail to address  much less fix the flaws in our current system.


Did you know that 38 states submit less than 80 percent of their felony convictions?

That means the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) is not up-to-date and leaves more than 7 MILLION convictions from being included in today’s system.

If a criminal goes to purchase a gun legally, there’s a good chance their crime is not in the system to flag them as a danger.

A lack of background checks is not the problem, the problem is that our background check system is not complete. It doesn’t contain every piece of information, including criminal records, that would otherwise keep a person from obtaining a firearm.

Wayne LaPierre said it best:

What do the Oregon killer, the W.D.B.J killer, the Charleston church killer, the Santa Barbara killer, the Maryland mall killer, the L.A. airport killer, the D.C. Navy Yard killer, the Aurora movie theatre killer, the Tucson killer, the Virginia Tech killer, and both Ft. Hood killers have in common? Every single one of them passed a background check.

If you cast a net and fish swim through the holes, you don’t need a bigger net. You need smaller holes.

The NRA explains what the media won’t tell the average American about background checks:

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