Get a Job, Get a Gun

Over the summer, a roofing company in Castle Rock, CO had a great incentive for customers: purchase a roof and you get a gun.

Weatherproof Roofing’s “Get a Roof, Get a Gun” promotion was so successful that they are now in desperate need of new customer service associates – four of them to be exact. To help attract new employees, the company is offering a similar promotion: “Get a Job, Get a Gun.”

Whoever the roofing company hires will receive an AR-15, valued at upwards of a thousand dollars. In order to qualify for the gun, new employees have to sell 10 roofing projects before they obtain the AR-15. Of course, the company’s owner is adamant that employees must pass a background check before receiving the firearm.

According to James Webb, the company’s owner, he’s focused patriotism and the Second Amendment.

Seems like the kind of boss any gun-loving patriot would want to work for.

“[If] they’ll give out an AR-15, I’ll work for anybody,” said Tyler Carter of Colorado Springs. “We’ve got to keep strapped up. We’ve got to keep armed and ready.”

But, of course, anti-gunners are trying to rain on the company’s parade. The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence’s spokesperson Andrew Patrick released the following statement:

The only thing roofers should be armed with is a nail gun. The addition of guns to an already hazardous work environment only increases the likelihood of an accident or altercation. The gun lobby’s ‘guns everywhere’ mentality has reached a new low when employers feel the need to offer firearms as part of their benefits package.

Seriously? What’s wrong with a company wanting to offer a different type of benefit to their employees? Offering a firearm doesn’t mean gun enthusiasts have hit a new low. If anything, offering a firearm to new employees attracts employees with similar values and work ethic. That’s called being a smart business owner.