Hillary Clinton Is The Greatest Threat to the Second Amendment Ever

September marked the 15th consecutive month that gun sales hit a record high. But with this election cycle, is that really surprising? Hillary Clinton has continually talked about how she would push for gun control if she were President. She would use the Supreme Court to axe the Second Amendment and urge Congress to pass “common sense gun laws” – whatever that means.


Whenever a politician talks about limiting the right to bear arms, law-abiding gun owners flock to gun stores to purchase new firearms and stock up on ammo. They sign up for training and tactical classes. Gun owners both new and old are applying for concealed carry permits.

And it seems to happen more frequently when there’s a change in Presidents.

Look at what happened around this time in 2008. Gun owners feared then-Senator Barack Obama would become President. It was only a matter of time before he began his tirade against the Second Amendment when he took office.

Around summer 2008, I remember going with my dad to buy ammo in bulk. Every 4-6 weeks we were purchasing a different caliber of ammo: .9mm, .38 Special, .22, .223. If we were near a gun store while we were out, we would stop to see what was in stock and how much it was being sold for. If there was a deal going on, we took advantage of it.

And guess what? In early 2009, Obama cashed in on his campaign promises by pressing for a new assault weapons ban.

The steady increase in gun sales isn’t new because the threat has remained constant. First it was Senator Obama. Now it’s Secretary Clinton.

Just look at some of her social media postings:


Law-abiding gun owners are preparing for what the Founding Fathers warned us about: a tyrannical government that is out to limit our Constitutional rights. We’re stocking up on our guns and ammo, and not without good reason.


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