Liberal News Org Attacks Gavin Newsom's Latest Gun Control Effort

AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli, File

California is the gun control capital of the United States. Or as the anti-gunners like to refer to it: the “leader in the gun control debate.” Some of the most stringent gun control laws come out of the Golden State.

Most of the mainstream media newspapers, like the Los Angeles Times and the Sacramento Bee, are left-of-center. They frequently write op-eds supporting liberal policies.

In an unlikely turn of events, the Fresno Bee, a sister paper of the Sacramento Bee, wrote an op-ed urging voters to vote ‘no’ on Proposition 63, Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom’s latest gun control measure.

Despite being a longtime advocate for sensible gun control, this editorial board recommends a “no” vote on Proposition 63.

Under Prop. 63, the state’s assault weapon’s ban would be extended, ammunition sales would require a similar background check process as required with the purchase of a firearm, semi-automatic rifles with quick-release magazines would be banned, possession of “large capacity” magazines (more than 10 rounds) would be banned, and those who make their own firearms (vilified as “ghost guns”) would be required to obtain a serial number from the DOJ.

The reason the liberal newspaper can’t back the gun control legislation?

We have other major concerns that voters should consider before voting on Proposition 63, the biggest of which is that Californians haven’t had time to judge the effectiveness of the new gun control laws on the books.

In other words: they haven’t seen an adequate drop in gun violence with the current gun control measures in place. Before the Bee can get behind further restrictions, they want to see if data supports legislation that has been rushed into law in recent years.

We also shouldn’t encourage publicity-seeking politicians such as Newsom, who have their eyes on higher elected office, from using the initiative process for personal gain. The ballot box should be the tool of last resort – reserved for those instances when the Legislature refuses to tackle tough issues.


Hard-hitting on Newsom, but 100 percent true. Newsom’s only motive behind these gun control measures is to use them in 2018 when he runs for Governor Brown’s seat.

Just look at how he uses guns to try and pull at people’s heartstrings:

Looks like Newsom wants to say he “took on the gun lobby,” just like his fellow Democrats do. And even the Liberal papers are seeing through that facade.