Brady Campaign: "Guns Don't Kill People, Toddlers Kill People."

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence just released the most ridiculous anti-gun ad – or as they’re referring to it, a Public Service Announcement. To refute the “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” statement that is often made during the gun control debate, the Brady Campaign came up with the ultimate line: “Guns don’t kill people, toddlers Kill people.”


This video is probably the most ridiculous thing that has come out of this election cycle.

Let’s break this down, shall we?

In the real world, we know that firearms accident rates have been steadily declining since 1903. Firearms related incidents involving children have plummeted 74% in the past 20 years, and are involved in less than 1.5 percent of unintentional fatalities among children 14 years of age and under. Firearms are among the least likely causes of unintentional fatality in children, and thanks to efforts by the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s Project Childsafe and the NRA’s Eddie Eagle program, those rates are continuing to decline.

Kids who are taught gun safety from a young age learn respect for a firearm. They know that a gun is not a toy.


This is such an important issue that the NRA created the Eddie Eagle GunSafe program, which teaches kids these four rules:

  • STOP!
    This gives the child time to remember the rest of the crucial steps.
  • Don’t touch.
    A firearm that is not touched or disturbed is unlikely to be fired and otherwise endanger the child or other people.
  • Run away.
    This removes the temptation to touch the firearm as well as the danger that another person may negligently cause it to fire.
  • Tell a Grown-Up.
    Children should seek a trustworthy adult, neighbor, relative or teacher – if a parent or guardian is not available.


What the Brady Campaign is doing is using a handful of tragedies to say that kids with guns is a problem across the board.

Jennifer Baker, a spokeswoman for the NRA said it best: the Brady Campaign is trying to “sensationalize tragedy to push a gun control agenda. If they were truly concerned about safety, they would be spending their resources on safety and training.”

How many gun safety or education classes had the Brady Campaign sponsored?


They aren’t really interested in saving lives. They never have been

They’re simply focused on stripping you of your constitutional rights.

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