Libertarian VP Nominee Has No Idea What Concealed Carry Reciprocity Is

Former Governor of Massachusetts William F. Weld poses for a photograph in his office in New York Thursday May 19, 2016. (Tina Fineberg for The Boston Globe)

On Monday evening, Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee Bill Weld went on Dana Loesch’s TV show on TheBlaze. During the conversation, Loesch asked Weld about the Second Amendment. Like most politicians, Weld was quick to say he supports the Second Amendment. It was obvious he was uncomfortable with the topic of guns.

Loesch: Do you believe in reciprocity?

Weld: Reciprocity?

Loesch: Meaning, if I have my concealed carry [permit] in Texas, would I be able to — because I have my concealed carry [permit] in Texas — would each of the states recognize it?

Weld: I don’t know. We don’t have concealed carry up in New England, so I’d wanna look at that.

Loesch mentioned the conversation on Twitter:

I can understand if a local city councilman is not aware of constitutional carry or concealed carry reciprocity, but a Governor seeking higher office should know about a key concern of gun rights advocates who would like to consider supporting him.

Gary Johnson may want to school your running mate on Constitutional issues, particularly on different aspects of the Second Amendment, especially if he is trying to capture the displaced conservatives. Gun rights are very important to many voters. They want to know that you will do everything in your power to protect the right to bear arms.