"Pre-Hillary" Gun Sale Terrifies Anti-Gunners

Westside Armory, a gun store in Las Vegas, is urging its customers to prepare for a Hillary Clinton presidency by purchasing guns before prices skyrocket.

It’s a smart business strategy, really.


Polls have suggested that Clinton is comfortably ahead in the race for the White House. Even once red states, such as Arizona, are in play. It’s so much of a swing state that the First Lady and Senator Bernie Sanders are going to be hitting the campaign trail on behalf of Clinton.

Even though Westside Armory doesn’t have an ‘official’ Facebook page, anti-gunners flocked to their review page to show their disgust for the gun store and their latest marketing efforts.


It is possible to be a gun owner and not condone the killing of people. No gun owner wants to use his or her gun on another human unless it is absolutely necessary to defend his or her own life.


Are we looking at the same ad? The ad I saw said to purchase a new gun before prices go up. I didn’t see anything about killing anyone.



Law-abiding gun owners purchase guns and ammo whenever they want. We don’t just buy guns when we’re afraid of politicians.

Then again, look at Theo’s comment. Pure ignorance.


They’re not fear tactics when they’re a very real reality for law-abiding gun owners. Hillary said it herself. She will do everything in her power to advance the gun control agenda.

As someone in the public relations and marketing world, I have to give major props to this business owner. He’s actually doing something newsworthy. And I’d bet he’s getting tons of Second Amendment lovers in his shop now.

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