Gun Run: "Election Sale" on Firearms, Ammo & Accessories

Americans in fear of another Clinton presidency, and Obama presidency for that matter, are gearing up.

Gun sales continue to climb and as we enter into the final two weeks before the election, Gander Mountain, a Minnesota-based sporting goods store, is advertising not only gear, but the #GUNVOTE message as well.


gander mountain

#GUNVOTE is a campaign started by the NSSF to protect our Second Amendment rights and backed by many of the gun manufacturers whose products are part of Gander Mountain’s Election Sale. The circular also urges customers to “exercise their rights”.

Gander Mountain also reminds its customers and the general public that while the sale is valid online and in all of their 162 of their stores, purchases made online will need to be picked up either at a store or shipped to a participating independent firearms dealer. Sorry, you cannot order a gun online and have it shipped to your house… no matter how many politicians and actors say you can.


If you’re stocking up, why not keep prices down? Check out what’s on sale and be sure to thank Gander Mountain for standing up for supporting our right to keep and bear arms!

(and please don’t forget to vote – the Second Amendment is most certainly on the ballot this year)

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