Last week, the San Jose, CA city council heard a proposal that would require residents to utilize a lock box for their guns when they’re not home. According to San Jose police chief, if passed, the ordinance could be enforced as early as next winter.

Councilman Ash Kalra, who is running for state assembly and drafted the proposal along with Raul Peralze, says the legislation is intended to protect the community and allow law-abiding citizens to keep their firearms.

We actually are doing this not only to protect our community from gun violence and guns falling into the wrong hands, but ultimately it protects the guns of the firearm owners, because they get to keep their guns.

…you hear that? You get to keep your gun.

Whether or not you lock up your gun in your home should be your decision, not the government’s, but Kalra disagrees:

There is no intention to limit one’s ability to own a gun. It’s about securing firearms from getting into the wrong hands — whether it’s a burglar or a child that’s left unattended at home.

If passed, San Jose would be the first big city that would require gun owners to lock up their firearms when they’re not home.