NYPD Gloats Over Destroying Guns, Potential Training Dollars

Thousands of guns confiscated by the NYPD are being sent out-of-state to be destroyed. The decision by NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill was announced after NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman released a comprehensive report detailing the number of illegal guns being brought to the Empire State from along the I-95 corridor.

According to Stephen Davis, the NYPD’s deputy commissioner for public information, destroying the guns is a good thing:

The NYPD works very had in getting these guns off the street and we are going to keep them off the street. And by destroying them there is no chance they will every find their way back out into the street, into the public. They can come up the Iron Pipeline, and they are going to end up as a hunk of iron at the end of this process.

The NYPD’s chain of command has an anti-gun agenda which Commissioner O’Neill put on display when he took to twitter to boast about the number of guns that are being destroyed.

Commissioner O’Neill is the same NYPD official who blasted a NYPD sergeant just a week ago for (allegedly) not following his training when he shot an elderly mentally ill woman, as he destroys a source of training dollars for his under-trained department.

Other cities across the nation have taken seized guns and sold them at auctions. It’s a win-win for law enforcement and law-abiding gun owners. Police departments that are strapped for cash can earn money and lawful citizens can purchase guns at a reasonable price. The best part? Officers know those guns are going to those who are lawfully allowed to own a firearm because they are purchased by FFLs who must perform a NICS background check before selling the gun.

“Firearms should be treated the same as boats, jewelry, or any other confiscated asset and sold at auction. Most departments are strapped for funds as it is, to cut off the potential cash flow for the sake of making some social commentary is short sighted at best,” said an NRA spokesperson.

When confronted with that idea, Davis immediately declined.

We don’t want them and we are not going to send them else where so that they can possible be re-circulated. They are going to be destroyed and that is the end of it.