Weakley Woman Not So Weak When Armed With a Gun

Stephen and Lee Ann Delaute had a history of domestic disputes. But this past weekend, despite holding an order of protection, Lee Ann was forced to take hold of her gun to protect her own life.


Lee Ann was granted the order of protection in September after Stephen plead guilty to domestic violence in a case stemming from a previous dispute.

Disobeying the order, Stephen parked his car more than a half mile away from his estranged wife’s house in Rutherford, TN before he broke into her home Sunday night. He assaulted her with a knife before pulling a handgun and firing multiple rounds. That’s when Lee Ann knew she needed her own firearm, located next to her bed, to defend herself. She returned fire, hitting her estranged husband.

Stephen was pronounced dead at the scene and his body was sent to the Shelby County Medical Examiner’s Office for an autopsy.

According to Weakley County Sheriff’s Department Captain Randall McGowan, Lee Ann suffered from minor scrapes and bruises, but nothing that was life-threatening.

If you feel threatened by an abusive person or are in fear for your safety or life, please reach out for help and don’t hesitate to call police if you are in immediate danger.

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