Last month, rapper Coolio was arrested for concealed carrying a firearm on an airplane at Los Angeles International Airport. He was charged with one felony county of possession of a firearm by a felon with two priors. On Wednesday, Coolio plead guilty to the charges.

Instead of seeing jail time, the rapper was sentenced to three years of supervised probation and 45 days of probation.

Following the sentencing, Coolio released the following statement:

It was a misunderstanding. I do not condone the use of firearms, illegal or legal. Thanks to the court and the attorneys handling this for me so I can still do the good work that I do … I was very worried. I don’t do crime and I am not into anything illegal, so it should be easy [to stay within the terms of my probation].

Coolio must be upset that he got caught with a gun. If he doesn’t do anything illegal, why was he illegally carrying a firearm, and why was he charged in 2001 for concealed carrying?

And what is this “good work” that he claims to be doing? Last time I checked, rapping wasn’t philanthropic by any means.

Coolio is just like every other criminal. He’s upset that he got caught breaking the law. Just because he’s a celebrity with money doesn’t mean he’s exempt from the law.