Moms Demand Action Founder Has a Warped Definition of 'Freedom"

Shannon Watts, Founder of Moms Demand Action and inspiration for the #ImBlockedByShannonWatts club, is burning up her keyboard for Hillary Clinton and continuing to respond to the NRA, despite the fact she herself has admitted they’ve blocked her. (which is against Twitter’s community standards)


Watts is lighting up Twitter with her praise for how a Hillary presidency will push gun control and take down the NRA:

Translation: Hillary is the first Presidential candidate who has outright said she will work to take away our Second Amendment rights.

No one ever said guns can’t be regulated.


Actually, the NRA defines freedom as being able to exercise our God-given right to self defense protected by the Second Amendment in places where people are most vulnerable to gun violence. The fact is, all but two of the mass shootings in America have taken place in gun free zones.

Shannon Watts’ version of freedom: making people victims by disarming them and making them defenseless against the evil that always finds a way in this world.

Who’s logic are you more inclined to follow, Shannon Watts or Chris Bird?

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