Spokane Runner Will Always Hit The Trail Armed After This

At approximately 10:30 a.m. Friday, a woman in Spokane (WA) was running along a popular trail with her dog when a man appeared from behind a tree. The woman, who has asked to be referred to as “Caroline,” says the man chased her for a mile before she was safe.

“The trail goes into a very deep ravine, and it’s very dark in there. And that’s where he came out of the woods at me,” said Caroline. “I was absolutely panicked. I’m not going to lie I was panicked.”

To try and get closer to Caroline, the man began to chase her.

“He started trying to engage me in conversation, asking me where I was parked, could I help him, where did I come from. He was looking for a woman with a backpack,” she said.

Caroline called her husband and didn’t stop running until she made it back to the top of the ravine. As she stood at the top of the ravine, gasping for air, she noticed the man was still coming after her.

“I stood there and straight up from the bushes the guy came. Literally he had been right behind me,” she said. “He chased me for a mile.”

Once Caroline made it safely to her car, she called 911 and gave the following description: white male in his 30’s, between 5’10” and 6′ tall, 160 to 170 pounds with reddish blond hair.

To warn other women in the area, Caroline and her husband created fliers and hung them throughout the ravine.

“We just thought that women needed to be aware,” said Caroline. “In the past, I did not carry a weapon. I will carry one now.”

Spokane Police say no other similar cases have been reported.