‘Teen Mom 2’ Celebrity Receives Flak For Controversial Social Media Post

Jeremy Calvert, the ex-husband of Leah Messer from ‘Teen Mom 2’, has come under fire for posting a photo on Instagram of their preschooler, Adalynn, with a rifle.

Jeremy Calvert/Facebook

“She said daddy, lets (sic) go hunting and shoot a coyote… lol better watch out boys she wont (sic) miss lol haha p.s. yes people its (sic) a gun and its (sic) also unloaded get over it…. #daddieshunter #mybaby,” the photo’s caption read.

Calvert’s 306,000 fans debated the issue of guns in the photo’s comments, which eventually resulted in him removing the photo.

“She should not be holding that gun. Too young to understand the danger, and now she’ll probably think it’s ok to play with them,” one fan replied.

“Very scary and sad to actually have your child pose and smile with a firearm. We are suppose to teach our children to stay away and never touch a gun! Until they are old enough to handle the gun. She obviously is not! Very scary,” another follower commented.


Other fans supported Calvert exposing Adalynn to firearms at a young age.

“[S]hooting guns was part of my childhood! … You can expose young children to guns in the proper manner, and it teaches them responsibility and respect for what that weapon can do and what it should be used for. Just because it’s not in your realm of comfort or norm doesn’t mean it can’t be,” a follower refuted.

Once Calvert removed the post, he posted a picture in response to the comments.


Adalynn’s mother, Leah Messer, has yet to make any public comment on the situation.

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