5 of the Dumbest Post-Election Gun Control Tweets

Since the election has ended, gun control advocates have taken to Twitter to show their disgust for President-elect Donald Trump and Second Amendment advocates.


Because it TOTALLY makes sense to make it more difficult for legal, law-abiding citizens to own guns. Sounds like that’ll keep guns out of the “wrong hands.”


Isn’t it interesting that anti-gunners are flocking to the Kardashian clan after Kim was robbed in Paris? You would think they’d want to stay clear of her, given her ironic situation and all.

Kim Kardashian being robbed in Paris proves one thing: the only way to defend yourself is with a firearm.


I’m pretty sure Jesus would frown upon your Biblical references as a means of pushing your political agenda. Just my guess though.


The NRA isn’t pushing for a “guns-everywhere agenda.” The NRA is pushing for the government to uphold our Constitutional rights. Such a crazy notion, isn’t it?

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