7 of the Internet's Best Gun Memes

1. Finding your gun-loving soulmate.


Every gun enthusiast needs a special someone in their life…who loves guns as much as they do.


2. Being a gun nut.



Because there’s nothing wrong with loving guns!


3. Guns kill, don’t you remember?


Who better to debunk gun control arguments than Stan Smith from American Dad?


4. Pointing a gun at police.


Seriously, if you’re dumb enough to point a gun at a police officer then you’re dumb enough to get shot. It’s hard for us to have sympathy for you.


5. When guns attack.


Remember: if you lock up your guns, they need to have food and water at all times. If you’re feeling extra generous, consider providing them with a fleece blanket for added comfort.


6. When you start your day off the right way.


Nothing is better than bacon and eggs with a side of ammo.


7. The need to arm yourself.


Gun control advocates never use logic to craft their arguments and messaging.


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