More Than 30 Guns Stolen in Florida Robbery

Earlier this month, a burglar broke into an Auburndale, FL home and stole a 300-pound safe that contained 32 firearms. The break-in took place between 6 a.m. and 11 p.m. on November 4th, when the owners of the home were away from the residence. The guns are valued at more than $20,000 and include a combination of rifles, shotguns and pistols.


One of the two burglars broke the kitchen window and climbed inside the home, before opening the backdoor to let in the other accomplice. The two broke down a locked bedroom door and a locked closet door where the safe was located and locked.

“They literally wheeled out the entire safe,” said homeowner Victoria Shadrick.

The guns belonged to Victoria’s husband, Jack, a firearms instructor and collector.

“This is something he’s been collecting since he was like 17. It’s been a long time. One [of the guns inside the safe] he built himself. There was a lot of sentimental value for him,” said Victoria Shadrick. “I think he was more in shock because it wasn’t just they stole a weapon, it’s because they took all of them.”

According to Auburndale Police, burglars in the area have begun breaking into homes in broad daylight.

The break-in at the Shadrick’s residence has been connected to a similar burglary that occurred the same day. Police were able to identify the getaway car and have asked local to keep an eye out for the vehicle in a post on their department Facebook page.


Police say the best way to retrieve a stolen gun is to have a detailed record of each gun, including make, model and serial number. It is important to note custom features on the firearm, as well. When reporting the guns stolen, law enforcement also suggests submitting the police report and file to the National Crime Information Center.

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