Florida Considers Expansion of Open Carry Laws

The Sunshine State is taking up a controversial issue: whether or not to expand concealed carry laws. On Friday, Florida State Senate Judiciary Chairman Greg Steube (R-Sarasota) introduced Senate Bill 140 (SB 140), which would allow those with concealed carry permits the right to open carry.

If SB 140 were to pass, CCW permit holders can carry their firearms at legislative and local government meetings, post-secondary institutions, college campuses and airport terminals. Some restrictions would remain in place:

License holders would still be prohibited from carrying weapons at locations such as police stations, jails, courtrooms, polling places and most bars.

If this legislation passes the state senate, Florida would be the 46th state to adopt open carry laws.

A similar measure passed Florida’s House but failed to advance under the Senate Judiciary Committee under former Chairman Senator Miguel Diaz de La Portilla (R-Miami).

SB 140 is scheduled to be heard during the 2017 legislative session.