VIDEO: Dana Loesch's Strong Argument in Favor of Ohio's Expanding CCW Laws

Earlier today, TheBlaze’s Dana Loesch went on Fox Business’ Varney and Co. to discuss Ohio’s recent expansion of concealed carry laws. During the interview, Loesch explains why Ohioans are in favor of this expansion, especially after the Ohio State University shootings.

“They [Ohioans] don’t want any more victims,” Loesch told Varney. “Parents are tired of seeing their kids under attack and you know what? Grown men and women who are on college campuses, they do not want to be disarmed and victimized.”

And people on Twitter agree with Loesch.

Of course, there were those who had to voice their disdain.

Real funny.

An attack can happen anywhere at any time. The San Bernardino terrorist attacks took place at a medical center. Numerous shootings have taken place on college campuses. The fact is “gun-free zones” don’t work.