WATCH: NRA News' Colion Noir Shuts Down Liberal Media Bias

On Friday, NRA-TV host Colion Noir criticized a Boston Globe column that claims minority gun ownership can be dangerous.

According to columnist Renee Graham, African Americans, Latinos, and Muslims who exercise their Second Amendment rights “must also carry the sobering knowledge that constitutional guarantees tend to fall short when the hand holding a gun is black or brown.”


Noir pointed out the hypocrisy in the piece:

Of course, the liberal media couldn’t resist running with Noir’s comments. Media Matters wrote a piece on the video, but more importantly, they did everything in their power to blame the NRA for previous mass shootings.

After Castile, who had a permit to carry a concealed gun, was shot and killed, the NRA was conspicuously silent, generating outrage from those who saw a double standard for how the NRA reacts to high-profile victims of gun violence. Following intense criticism, the NRA eventually released a perfunctory statement that did not even include Castile’s name. The NRA also had nothing to say about board member Ted Nugent, who promoted a fake news story that falsely identified Castile as a suspect in a robbery and wrote on social media that Castile did not have “enuf brainmatter (sic)” to avoid being shot. The police officer who shot Castile has since been charged with manslaughter.

Media Matters “journalist” Timothy Johnson shared his “story” on Twitter.


Of course, Noir called Johnson out.

It wasn’t long before others called Johnson out on his lame, “clickbaity” headline that took Noir’s comments out of context.

Johnson tried defending his headline by blaming the NRA.


NRA News quickly corrected him:

Noir clarified his statements for all of those who believe in these “fake news” websites.

Takeaway for journalists: actually pay attention to the argument you’re trying to make, especially when you attempt to use your own opinion and deem it “news.”


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