FedEx Offers NRA Members a Special Perk This Holiday Season

NRA members are now receiving one special perk this holiday season: as much as 26 percent off their shipping needs with FedEx. Of course, anti-gunners are screaming foul play and are doing everything in their power to harm FedEx’s profits. LBGTQ organizations and gun control groups have come together for this common cause.


A new organization, called Guns Down, created an online campaign against the shipping giant. They have also planned protests at FedEx stores in Denver, Atlanta, Memphis and Orlando. The coalition is made up of the Human Rights Campaign, Color of Change, Newton Action Alliance and Pride Fund to End Gun Violence.

“FedEx is one of the biggest and most recognizable brands,” said Guns Down Director Igor Volsky. “If they really value investing in under-served communities, which we think they do, then partnering with the NRA really undermines that mission.”


There are NRA members who are gay, straight, black, white and everything in between. It is possible to be a minority and still support the Second Amendment. What a shocker, right?

And guess what? One of NRA’s loudest advocates is making sure gun owners across the nation know about their discount with FedEx.

What’re you shipping this holiday season?

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