ACLU Starts Constitutional Campaign But Excludes Second Amendment

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook


With President-Elect Donald Trump’s inauguration a few days away, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has gone all out to encourage liberal protesters to descend on the nation’s capitol.
Their latest ploy involves promoting a “people’s oath” to protect the Constitution. The catch? They want uphold what they think the Constitution says.


These are the type of protestors our men and women in blue are sure to encounter:

Resistance or chaos? You choose.

According to the ACLU’s website and promotional videos, they want to ensure the Constitution is protected. However, their highlighted issues include healthcare, birth control and immigrants’ rights – which aren’t officially enumerated within the document. Notably absent from their petition was the call to protect the right to bear and keep arms.

FINALLY! Someone who is dedicated to protecting our 2A rights!

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