Mike Rowe Responds to SHOT Show Critic in the Best Way Possible



Mike Rowe is no stranger to controversy. Or the gun industry. In fact, Rowe is the keynote speaker at SHOT Show 2017, the firearms industry’s annual convention where new products are launched.

After one fan found out about Rowe’s speaking gig, she wrote him a note on Facebook, expressing her disdain for guns in our country. She wrote in part, “There are already too many guns in this country, and too much faux patriotism surrounding the second amendment. I can’t believe you’d risk your good name associating with a bunch of gun nuts.”

Rowe decided to respond to the fan’s comment publicly, explaining why he’s a proponent of the Second Amendment. And of course, he did it in only a way Mike Rowe could.

Thanks for defending the Second Amendment, Mike! Hats off to you!