Double Duty: North Carolina Gun Club Combines Fashion and Function for Female Concealed Carry

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The Gun Powder Gals, a women’s only shooting league in Fayetteville, North Carolina, will be hosting it’s second Concealed Carry Fashion Show and Expo on April 8th.


The first show took place in 2015. When Candy Sugarman, the founder of Gun Powder Gals, went to look for a larger venue for a 2016 show, she struggled to find a venue that was gun-friendly.

This year’s expo will cover various topics, including:

  • Concealed carry permits
  • Training with firearms to protect the home and person
  • Competition shooting
  • Hunting
  • Gun Trust
  • Understanding your right
  • Children and Guns
  • Securing Guns in the home and vehicles

“The Gun Powder Gals 2015 Concealed Carry Fashion show was an excellent place to see the different ladies’ options for concealed carry and to be able to check them out in person,” said Jean Beadle. “It’s just not the same looking in a catalog or on the web!  I’ve seen some items online that I just wouldn’t ever buy without being able to handle them first.  I learned quite a bit from the varied guest speakers and will definitely recommend 2016 attendance to all my shooting friends (male & female).”


According to organizers, the fashion show started as an educational event:

The Concealed Carry Fashion Show started as an idea of bringing concealed carry options to women, demonstrating how they are worn, how they do not print, and the advantages of using them.

The show expanded from just a fashion to educating gun owners by having experts speak about topics centered around gun ownership, such as the importance insuring guns, securing your guns in the home and vehicles, gun trusts, knowledge of local gun laws, importance of training, as well the local police department’s perspective on threats to gun owners.

If you are interested in attending or being a sponsor or vendor during this one-day event, visit the Gun Powder Gals website here.

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