Hollywood Conservatives Face Backlash Over Police Brutality Film

Conservative actors Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn are teaming up to star in a new movie depicting one of the biggest political debates of our time: police brutality. Gibson and Vaughn will play two cops who are suspended after a video of their their forceful tactics goes viral.

The script centers on two policemen, one an old-timer (Gibson), the other his volatile younger partner (Vaughn), who find themselves suspended when a video of their strong-arm tactics become the media’s cause du jour. Low on cash and with no other options, these two embittered soldiers descend into the criminal underworld to gain their just due, but instead find far more than they wanted awaiting them in the shadows.

“‘Dragged Across Concrete’ is best suited to my goal of making a heartfelt, surprising, sad, funny, shocking, and memorable world with multiple viewpoints,” Director S. Craig Zahler told Variety. “As is often the case in my novels and screenplays, the protagonists are in perilous circumstances against which they struggle in different and surprising—though logical—ways.  I am absolutely thrilled to have Mel and Vince agree to play the lead roles.”

Gun control advocates took issue with the film for “glorifying” police brutality without addressing the issue, even though the film hasn’t been made yet. Others have made baseless claims that Gibson and Vaughn don’t have to act like racists, because they are racists.

Gibson has been an outspoken conservative since a 1990 interview with Barbara Walters in which the two discussed abortion. Vaughn came out as a conservative in a 2015 radio interview with Adam Carolla.