Chinese Immigrant Becomes Second Amendment Advocate in Chicago

Source: Al Jazeera
Source: Al Jazeera
Source: Al Jazeera


Ju Wang, a Chinese immigrant living in a Chicago suburb, has become one of the Second Amendment’s loudest advocates. Wang came to America in the 1990s to continue his education in computer science. He eventually began working for Motrolla as a software engineer, before starting his own business a few years later.


A string of home invasions and robberies specifically targeting Asians prompted Wang to purchase his first firearm. Although his wife, Zhiling Lan, disagreed with owning a firearm, he explained his concerns to her, and she eventually agreed.

“It [a gun] is a tool and weapon to protect yourself with,” Wang explains.

“In China, nobody has guns, and we [were] used to the environment [in which] nobody has a gun, everyone will be safe,” Lan told Al Jazeera. “But once you come to this country, you realise [sic] that this is not China.”

Wang now teaches students how to properly handle a firearms and the basics of gun safety. He also offers free safety lectures and workshops for Chinese Americans in the Chicago metropolitan area.


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