Coffee Shop Comes Up With New Way to Deter Robbers

Source: Baltimore Sun
Source: Baltimore Sun
Source: Baltimore Sun


In order to keep their employees safe, Park Cafe & Coffee in Baltimore, Maryland, is making one drastic business change: they’re no longer accepting cash. The decision was made after the coffee shop was robbed five different times between October and January. Although the armed robber was arrested and is in jail, the coffee shop’s owner has made up his mind.


“We’re not going to accept cash anymore. I’m going to take that out of the equation,” Park Cafe & Coffee owner David Hart told CBS Baltimore. 

The shop’s customers seem to be fairly understanding about the decision.

“I would say virtually 90 percent of them have said, ‘Listen, you needed to do what you needed to do to protect yourself and protect your staff. We will continue to support you,’” Hart said.

The most recent robbery took place on Jan. 20th. Hart had taken numerous precautions after each armed robbery. He added more security cameras, installed panic bars on doors, increased the lighting and locking the door early. Hart believes the robber was someone in the neighborhood who paid close attention to what baristas were telling their customers.

“Never in my wildest imagination did I think that this would really be an issue for me,” he said.

Before the decision to move solely to plastic, 22 percent of Park Cafe & Coffee’s revenue came from cash. Thankfully, they haven’t seen a decline in income since making the move.

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