Celebrity Gun Control Advocate Utilizes Gun in New Film

Hollywood is home to the entertainment business, celebrities and gun control advocates. Amy Schumer, one of anti-gunners’ favorite people, has hit the hypocrisy jackpot. Schumer is quick to speak up about how “evil” guns are. Apparently that logic doesn’t apply to her, as long as she’s making money off her use of guns.


In fact, Schumer sits on Everytown for Gun Safety’s “Creative Council,” which is made up of celebrities who champion the gun control agenda. She is known for being an outspoken gun control advocate, especially on social media.


Her and her “village” decided to partake in the “Wear Orange” campaign which took place on “National Gun Violence Prevention Day,” which was put on by gun control groups across the nation



At the end of the day, the agenda remains the same: disarming law-abiding gun owners.


Although Schumer is passionate to curb Second Amendment freedoms, nothing seems to mean more than money. After all, money makes the world go round, right?


Schumer’s latest film, Snatched, follows a mother-daughter duo who travel to Ecuador for a getaway. The two are kidnapped and are forced to fight for their lives.

In one of the trailers, Schumer is seen holding a gun, where her character is thinking about shooting one of the kidnappers.
Tell us, Ms. Schumer, if guns are so evil, why are you making money off a film that utilizes firearms?

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