An Inside Look at the Great American Outdoor Show 2017

Every year, the NRA puts on a 9-day long show in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania called the Great American Outdoor Show. The show celebrates hunting, fishing and outdoor activities that are popular in American culture.


Here’s what fans have shared so far:

Guns really can be a family affair.

Every gun deserves a day at the spa.

I wonder how many guns this can hold?

Go big or go home, right?

We’re fan girling for you!


Who wouldn’t want to see a real life owl?

Look at that rifle!

You can never go wrong with man’s best friend. (Even man’s best friend loves the GAOS).

That looks like a blast.

Guys, this is one way to a woman’s heart. *Hint, Hint*

Yes, please!

Bearing Arms will be bringing you more updates from this year’s event. Stay tuned.

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