How to Stock Up on Guns and Ammo Without Paying Any Sales Tax

During the back-to-school season, some states offer tax-free purchasing. It’s the government’s way of allowing parents to stretch their dollar further during an expensive time. Some states have decided to apply the same tax-free purchases to firearms, ammunition and hunting supplies.


States, particularly in the south, are looking to adopt these tax-free days:

  • In January, Arkansas State Senate introduced a bill which would eliminate the 6.5 percent sales tax on firearms and ammo purchases during the “Second Amendment Appreciation Weekend” during one weekend every September.
  • In January, a bill was introduced in the Texas House that would eliminate the sales tax and on gun and hunting supplies one weekend every August.
  • This week, the Tennessee House introduced a bill which would create the “Second Amendment sales tax holiday,” which would eliminate the sales tax on guns and ammo during the first weekend in September.

Currently, Mississippi and Louisiana have adopted tax-free Second Amendment days, which began last summer. It’s expected to become an annual tradition.

States like Texas were forced to adopt similar tax-free days, because gun dealers were seeing a negative impact. Residents who would normally purchase guns in-state were going across the border to Mississippi to purchase their firearms during these state’s Second Amendment days.


While the sales my appear to be in-step with kids going back to school, the timing of these tax-free gun days have to do with the start of hunting season. These days are how legislators – and gun dealers – pay respect to the hunters. And what better way to kick it off than by saving a little money?

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