Who Needs Roses When You've Got Guns And Ammo?

Valentines Day in America is always the same. Roses. Boxes of chocolates. And mushy cards. Some couples though, are determined to squash the stereotypical Valentines Day tradition by doing something out of the box: hitting the gun range.


According to Defender Outdoors Shooting Center in Fort Worth, Texas, they have been taking reservations for Valentines Day for the past few weeks. Included in the “date night” is a safety briefing. New shooters are taken to the range’s Lasershot Room for a gun tutorial and simulation. Experienced shooters can go straight to the range for live fire. Along with time on the range, the shooting center also offers hors d’oeuvres, beer and wine.

Taylor Lowery, Membership Director at Defender Outdoors Shoot Center told CBS 11 why their date night has become popular:

“Couples that shoot together, stay together,” said Taylor Lowery, Membership Director at Defender Outdoors Shooting Center. “If you don’t want to get her roses, get her a rifle.”


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