DISTURBING! Gun Control Surrogate Wants to Abolish Guns...Except to Take Out Snitches

The gun control movement is constantly looking for new spokespeople to push their agenda along. In fact, Everytown for Gun Safety has an entire “creative council” – celebrities dedicated to ‘stopping gun violence’, whatever that entails. Designing t-shirts, workshops on sad selfies for social media, creative hash tagging – who knows?)


But you know they’re in desperate need of new surrogates when they’re using NBA star Carmelo Anthony as their latest spokesman.

Everytown must be at the bottom of their surrogate list if they’re using Anthony to push for gun control laws. After all, his track record is far from perfect. He has been cited for marijuana possession on numerous occasions. But the most disturbing part of Anthony’s history is his appearance in “Stop Snitchin’,” an underground DVD series with a self-confessed drug dealer.

In the video, Anthony talks about his bronze medals before the drug dealer talks about refusing to cooperate with law enforcement and how snitches are taken are of by “putting a bullet in their head.”

Apparently it’s okay for druggies to have access to firearms, but not us law abiding gun owners.

The hypocrisy is strong.

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