Louisiana Woman Saves Police Officer From Brutal Attack

Source: Yahoo! News
Source: Yahoo! News

Did you hear about this courageous woman?

Last Sunday, one Louisiana woman saved a police officer from a brutal attack. 56-year-old Vickie Williams-Tillman was driving to Sam’s Club and Walmart when she saw a Baton Rouge police officer being beaten in the head with his baton. As the suspect beat the officer, he tried reaching for the officer’s firearm.


She rolled down her window to ask the officer if he needed help but she heard no response. Williams-Tillman, did however, lock eyes with the officer.

“I could see in his eyes he needed help,” said Williams-Tillman. “You don’t have time to think about it … I did what God needed me to do.”

That’s when Williams-Tillman sprang into action. She pulled over and rushed to the officer’s aide. She jumped on the suspects back to stop the attack. Police backup quickly arrived and the suspect was tazed before being taken into custody.

Williams-Tillman’s actions have dubbed her a hero by many in her community.

“Vickie Williams-Tillman epitomizes the true Good Samaritan,” Mayor-President Sharon Weston-Broome said in a statement. “She reached out and offered a courageous and unconditional response to the officer. Ms. Williams-Tillman is a hero and demonstrates the true meaning of loving God and loving your neighbor.”

The suspect was initially found asleep with drug paraphernalia in his car. As he exited his vehicle, he became aggressive with the officer. The suspect attempted to take the officer’s radio and flashlight, along with the officer’s duty weapon and baton.


According to Baton Rouge Police spokesman Sgt. L’Jean McKneely, things could have gone very differently for the officer if Williams-Tillman had not stopped.

Williams-Tillman said she spoke with the officer and gave him a hug after they were both treated. He told her a lot of drivers had driven by and not stopped to help him.

“A lot of people passed him up,” Williams-Tillman said, but that’s not fair to police officers. “They’re human beings, just like us … We’re all one family.”

“She made a big difference,” McKneely said.

Indeed she did!

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