Gun Control Legislators in California Have Been Put on Notice

On Monday, a Federal Judge ruled in favor of California gun rights advocates, saying they are well-within their rights to publish the home addresses and phone numbers of state legislators who voted for firearms restrictions.


U.S. Chief District Judge Lawrence O’Neill of Fresno issued a preliminary injunction Monday blocking a state law that lets public officials demand that their private information be removed from the internet if they fear for their safety or the safety of their families.

O’Neill ruled that the state law is too broad and violates the advocates’ free speech rights. Publishing the lawmakers’ personal information “is a form of political protest,” he said in a 38-page opinion.

Second Amendment bloggers across the state were protesting the state’s requirement to collect gun owner’s personal information when a firearm or ammunition are purchased.

“These tyrants are no longer going to be insulated from us,” blogger Doe Publius wrote. “These are the people who voted to send you to prison if you exercise your rights and liberties.”

Of course, politicians up and down the state are having a field day over the ruling.

“Disturbing,” Senate spokesman Anthony Reyes said in a one-word statement about O’Neill’s decision.

According to court documents, at least six state senators have said they’ve received threatening phone calls and social media messages pertaining to Publius’ blog post.


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