Author Launches Pro-Gun Children's Book

Every gun enthusiast out there wants to share their love of firearms – and firearm safety – with their children. Have you ever wondered the best way to go about it? Author Susan Swift has a new book called “Good Guys With Guns,” which talks about the different types of first responders and law enforcement officers we know and trust who use firearms for good.






According to Swift, her inspiration for the book came during a Christmas event at her child’s preschool. One of the other children’s father is a police officer who came to the event late because his shift ran over. He came dressed in his uniform with his service weapon on his hip.

A liberal mom demanded that he leave because he had a gun and guns should not be in school,” Swift told Bearing Arms. “He was police officer in uniform, the best thing you could ever hope to be at your child’s school in the event of any problem.”

After several people, including the officer’s wife and the preschool teacher, tried reassuring the concerned parent, the officer ended up leaving. The parent who had an issue with the firearm contacted the officer’s captain and demanding that he not be allowed to come onto the school property to pick up his child. The officer and his wife pulled their child from the school after the incident. 

“I suggested to the preschool teacher, who was extremely upset over the incident, to have some fun with this, suggesting she decorate her classroom in a military theme, have kids coloring pictures of guns, even replace some of the classroom books with children’s pro-gun books,” Swift recalled. “That’s when we discovered there were no pro-gun children’s books and the idea for ‘Good Guys With Guns’ was born!”


One of the main goals of the book is to teach children to have respect for police officers, first responders and military personnel, as well as the legal use of firearms.

“I want parents to teach their children that law enforcement professionals are their friends. The book teaches respect for the regular everyday heroes in law enforcement who put their lives on the line everyday to serve and protect the public,” Swift explains. The book introduces children to the friendly characters of law enforcement who populate our cities and counties and the gun they use to keep us safe.  They are regular Americans, fathers and mothers with families.  Guns are part of their everyday work.”

Need another reason to buy this book? A portion of the proceeds from Swift’s book will be donated to to the NRA Foundation, to promote safe and responsible gun owners.

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