Pro-Gun Group's Funding Pulled by University of Delaware's President

Last summer, the University of Delaware’s Students for the Second Amendment applied for an extra-curricular grant in order to purchase ammo for range visits. UD denied the initial request. The students appealed it and eventually won, giving their group a $500 stipend. But when students on campus found out about the allowance, they pressed university officials to prohibit funding moving forward.


Fast-forward eight months later.

Zoe Callaway, president of the Students for the Second Amendment, has yet to back down. If UD isn’t going to fulfill the organization’s funding requests, then the group is determined to bring pro-gun speakers and advocates to the campus.

Callaway hopes to bring “Gays for Guns” to campus, a group dedicated to teaching LGBTQ communities proper firearm use. For her last semester as president, Callaway wants to co-sponsor the event with Haven, the school’s largest LGBTQ organization.

“It would be a really good way to come together, especially since the country is so divided,” Callaway said. “To bring these two groups together would speak volumes.”

The group’s funding was pulled last minute over spring break when the university’s presidents changed.

“They did it under our noses, just slipped it in there and didn’t really tell anybody,” Jeremy Grunden, the group’s vice president told UD Review.

Callaway and her group are receiving support from the NRA, Second Amendment Foundation and advocates for gun rights. They have also received discounts from local gun stores.


The group’s focus has now been turned to fighting for campus carry instead of campus administration.

“We all understand it’s going to take a long time, longer than we like,” Callaway said. “We still need to find people who will help us draft a bill, and who would be willing to present it at legislative hall.”

Callaway has spoken with state legislators who are interested in taking up the issue of campus carry.

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