McDonald's Employee Jumps to Florida Officer's Aide

A McDonald’s employee in Doral, Florida is being applauded after jumping into action to save an off-duty police officer Tuesday evening.

Employee Pedro Viloria was working the fast food chain’s drive through window when he saw the off-duty Miami-Dade police officer suffering from a medical emergency. The store’s video surveillance camera shows Viloria jumping through the drive thru window to help the woman.


According to Viloria, the woman paid for her food but when he went to hand her the food, it was clear she was having a hard time breathing.

“In that moment, I thought, ‘I’d rather save that woman’s life,'” he told WPLG on Tuesday. “I see she’s, like, inflating her neck, like trying to breathe, like ‘ahh,’ and basically I thought something was going wrong.”

The car pulled forward and it was apparent the driver no longer had control of the vehicle. The woman’s two children in the backseat were also screaming.

“Her kids were screaming, ‘Mother, mother, stop it, mother what are you doing?’” Viloria recalled in an account to CBS Miami.

“I ran as fast as I could, put myself in front of the car,” he told NBC Miami.

He told the kids to call 9-1-1, which they did at the same time a firefighter walked into the restaurant. Once he realized what was happening, the firefighter and his partner, along with an off-duty paramedic who was in the restaurant, rushed outside to aid the woman.

According to Viloria, the curb stopped the car from going into traffic.

Alex Menendez, the owner of the McDonald’s, is proud of Viloria’s actions.


“He is an excellent employee, so it didn’t surprise me that he took immediate action and jumped through a window to help save this woman,” Menendez said in a statement. “And he was not the only member of the team that played a pivotal role in ensuring she received the medical attention she needed. A second employee, who asked to remain unnamed, assisted with CPR.”

The woman was taken to the hospital and is listed in critical condition. At this time, it is unclear what the medical emergency was.

Here’s the footage:

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