Senior Political Correspondent Battles to Renew her Concealed Carry Permit

Emily Miller, a senior political correspondent for One America News Network (OANN), is a well-known gun rights advocate who works and lives in Washington, D.C.


Miller applied for her concealed carry permit two years ago after witnessing over a dozen men burglarize her home. She never considered owning a firearm until she realized she could have protected herself in that instance.

Fast forward two years.

Now it’s time to renew her permit and she’s having to undergo quite a few ridiculous stipulations. She has to take a four-hour safety course with the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department CCW (MPD-CCW) firearms instructor. She also has to prove she’s spent 2 hours on the range in the last year and pay a $75 application renewal fee.

But even with proof, the department can still choose to deny her application.

According to Miller, the new D.C. Police of Chief, Peter Newsham, doesn’t care for her because of how she covered former Police Chief Cathy Lanier.



It appears Miller believes her renewal application will be denied because she put political pressure on the Chief of Police while doing her job.

Miller frequently covered former Police Chief Cathy Lanier’s push for gun control legislation, including banning high-capacity magazines. She also pointed out the Chief’s hypocrisy when she illegally obtained “assault weapons” for Sen. Dianne Feinstein.

If Miller’s permit renewal is denied, the D.C. Metro P.D. will have some explaining to do, not just to Miller but to the millions of gun rights activists across the country.

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