Gun Rights Groups Respond to Everytown's $25 Million Anti-Gun Pledge

Now that Michael Bloomberg’s gun control group, Everytown for Gun Safety, announced their plan to spend $25 million next election cycle to defeat concealed carry reciprocity, gun rights activists have come out of the woodworks to make one message known: we are here. We are standing. And we are ready – and willing – to fight.

Rep. Richard Hudson (R-NH), who introduced the concealed carry reciprocity bill in Congress, said it perfectly: “Common sense national concealed carry reciprocity is gaining traction across the country.”

Why do anti-gunners want to keep us from utilizing our Second Amendment rights in every state? The Second Amendment doesn’t start and stop at the each state’s line.

“We are not going to allow billionaire Michael Bloomberg to buy the Congress,” Alan Gottlieb, founder of The Second Amendment Foundation, told the Washington Free Beacon.  “Our gun rights are not for sale. While he will spend tens of millions of dollars against our constitutional rights, the gun rights movement will rely on tens of millions of voting gun owners to defeat his efforts.”

The difference between gun owners and gun control loving legislators? Second Amendment supporters are all across the nation. We may not have the kind of money that Michael Bloomberg does, but we get out, we vote and we will give our $25 to the NRA to defeat him and his cronies.

“Bloomberg will spend anything to curtail law-abiding citizens’ constitutional right to self-protection but what he doesn’t understand is that the Constitution isn’t for sale and his money is no match for the NRA’s grassroots support,” Jennifer Baker, a spokesperson for the NRA-ILA, said. “It’s tens of millions of Second Amendment supporters versus Bloomberg’s billions. The NRA is proud to lead that fight. We won’t back down.”

Watch out, Everytown. We’re comin’ for ya.