Pennsylvania Legislators Host "Gun Rights Seminar" For Constituents

On Tuesday evening in Schellsburg, Pennsylvania, residents from Bedford County packed into a room to hear about gun rights. A panel, consisting of the county’s sheriff, district attorney and local state representatives, took questions from constituents regarding firearm legislation, including concealed carry laws. Residents were also interested in learning how to talk with law enforcement officers when carrying a firearm.

“I’m always encouraged when I see groups of law abiding citizens coming out and want to exercise their Second Amendment rights, but want to do so responsibly,” Bedford County District Attorney Bill Higgins told WJAC.

According to state Rep. Jesse Topper, these types of forums serve to educate the public and allow residents to brush up on laws and legislations surround particular issues.

“I really believe that we’re in the process of educating people on their rights and their responsibilities as gun owners,” said Topper. “These great turnouts obviously show that people are interested and they want to be responsible.”

Because gun laws are constantly changing, the representatives feel as though it’s important to hold these types of forums and panels to address constituent questions.

“Some of the laws that I didn’t know existed, there was a lot of questions that was answered, just by talking to these guys,” attendee Bryan Miller said. “They’re very informative and they’re going to know a lot more than we are about it.”

According to District Attorney Higgins, most of the crime involving firearms that he deals with involves people who are uneducated about current gun laws.